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Scarlet Carpenter, Young Artist



Hi. My name is Scarlet Carpenter and I am 11 years old. Before I started taking art classes here, I had nothing to do after school. At class, I feel like there is some place that I am wanted and I absolutely love doing art as well as being with friends. 

I usually get my art ideas as life passes. I make my art more intriguing than every day life. Like this still life named “Sunny Day.” In real life it was a bland gray color and the background was white. So I made it more intriguing by using colors in my imagination. 

Art helps me express my feelings by using my creative and bubbly thoughts and putting them into my pieces. I really really loved making the painted wood piece,”Lucid Dream,” because it was super fun to try the cool process of making it. I also loved being with my friends. 

One day I was scrolling through the internet and came upon a video of a man talking about how amazing lucid dreaming was. “But the only way it would work,” he said, “is if you thought about it all day.”  So I did for three days. Then it finally happened! I was entering a lucid dream. Before I entered the dream, I saw all these amazing shapes and colors and that’s why I named this piece “Lucid Dream.” 

I personally do think that a particular piece of mine has a lot of warm safe feelings in it. I was feeling very creative that day, so I came up with the name, “Aurora Borealis.” That means northern lights. I thought that was a pretty good name for this piece! 

50% of our earnings will go to The Lewis and Clark Humane Society and Snack Pack for Kids at Helena Food Share. Thank you so much for listening to me talk. Have a nice day. 

Here are Scarlet’s pieces for sale: