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New Online Art Exhibit Catalog

We are excited to announce the publication of our first online art catalog for the current exhibit at 1+1=1 Gallery, “Elements: Water Earth Air Fire.”  It was a monumental task for us! We are a very small business and it is our first attempt to get an exhibit into an online format so folks from near and far can “see” the art show in it’s entirety.

Gallery Visitors having a great time at opening reception


Of course, there is nothing like seeing the artwork in the context of the brick and mortar gallery, in person. Viewing art pieces online isn’t the same as being able to touch Tim Carney’s satiny smooth art furniture and John Andrew’s glossy turned wood bowls;  walk around Peter Shaughnessy’s intricate wood sculptures, or see all the textures in Trudy Skari’s ceramics and Elizabeth Hughes Bass’ impasto oil paintings up close. Susan Mattson’s figurative vessels covered with hundreds of human faces are exquisite in real life. Choosing a favorite whiskey or coffee cup from Gregg Edelen’s wood-fired functional ceramics pieces is so much easier if you can pick them up and feel them …

Some folks just can’t make it in person. And … we have had hundreds of requests for a way to inquire online about our exhibits. This time we took the plunge and here it is.  Below are two screenshots showing what the catalog looks like. Click on a piece to see it larger. Then, if you want to purchase a piece, click the “Inquire about Piece” button. An email form opens up. Let us know you are interested in purchasing and we will contact you via email with options to buy — and we’ll put your red dot on the piece in the gallery.


Artwork Archive Gallery collection screenshot Above, screenshot of a page in our online catalog for the exhibit titled “Elements.” 


Artwork Archive Individual Piece Screenshot

Above, a screenshot of an individual piece page showing more views, and an “inquire” button. Thank you for trying out our online catalog. If you notice any issues, please let us know.

We are using Artwork Archive, an inventory software for artists, collectors and galleries, to keep track of our gallery collections. In the future, we hope to have our exhibit catalog complete online a week in advance of opening nights, and will send a link to all of our customers who have purchased work from us. That way customers are able to put a hold on a piece before the general public sees it. If you would like to receive a link to our pre-exhibit catalogs for future shows, please make sure to give us your email address when we process your purchases.


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