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Sunday Art Sesh Self Portrait Series


A Three-Part Workshop on Self Portraits – Sundays 2 to 5pm

To start off our 2016/2017 season of Sunday afternoon art sessions, I am offering a 3-part series to explore the art of the self portrait with different media. We’ll use a DSLR camera, Iphone camera and processing on both the Iphones and a laptop computer. We will also make dry-point-etching self portraits and make a series of monoprint etchings on a tabletop press.

You may remember high school or junior high art classes when you were assigned to draw your self portrait. How did you feel about the drawing you made? Mine never really looked like me, and at the time (way back in dinosaur days) that was the message we got from our art teacher – that our self portraits were supposed to be as accurate a likeness as we could make them. If I still had that selfie, I’d show you! BIG Sigh…

This series of Sunday afternoons is for anyone who wants to explore their own sense of self and how you might express the different aspects of *you.* Whether you are an artist, are just getting started making art, or are interested in letting your creativity blossom, I know you are going to love this self-portrait series.

The class is limited to 6 students. If you are interested, please sign up soon as this workshop will fill. You can sign up by paying online (any of the buttons below.) If you can’t pay online, please give me a call 431-9931 to reserve your space in the series.


Sept 11  Self portraits I – photographic expressions, 2 to 5pm

How often do you smile and say “cheese” when someone points a camera at you? Do you ever purposely show your shadow to the camera instead? Or just look at the camera with the look that’s on your face 95% of the time? Most people don’t go through their day with the “cheese” smile on their face. How do you really look? What are you really like inside? Which parts of you would you be willing to express to the world that you usually keep hidden?

Let’s explore those parts of our personalities and life-experiences through a very simple photography project during our first afternoon. This isn’t a class on photography, or how to use a camera or how to take great photos! I will set the cameras up for everyone. All you have to do is take the shots with a timer and your imagination. Then I’ll show you how to process the photos to enhance the emotions you are trying to express. We’ll experiment with both black&white and color processing. Simple. Profound. Fun. This will stretch you. And, I guarantee you will learn something new about how to use any camera, especially your cell phone camera.

In the first class you’ll:

  • Use a Canon DSLR camera on a tripod for some of the photos. (I will provide the camera — you don’t even need know how to use one!)
  • Learn how to produce incredible self portraits with an iphone camera (if you have an iphone or ipad, please bring it. I’ll ask you to download an app when you come to the first class. If you don’t have an IOS device, you can use mine.)
  • Use either (or both) the iphone/ipad or Photoshop to process a handful of your best images.
  • Print out 8×10 high-quality photos of some of your best/favorite results.
  • Download all of your results after the class, from a private online album.


Oct 2 – Self portraits II – drypoint etching plate making, 2 to 5pm

Drypoint is a printmaking technique in which an image is incised into a plate with a hard-pointed “needle” of sharp metal or diamond point. The sharp burrs created along the scratched lines hold ink when the plate is inked up. It is then run through a press with damp cotton rag paper to create a monoprint. Drypoint etching is similar to drawing as the technique of using the needle is close to using a pencil. You will produce spectacular results whether you are good at drawing – – or just starting out!

In the second sesh, you’ll:

  • Have some time to discuss and observe lots of different styles of non-photographic self portraits
  • Do some warmup sketching and studies of ourselves. I have lots of ideas to help you get over that initial fear of putting a mark to paper — and to get your creative juices running.
  • Use plexiglas plates to etch whimsical or serious self-portraits.
  • If we have time during this sesh, we’ll make some artist proofs on my little press, to give us an idea of where we’ll go with the monoprints next time.
  • Our etched plates will be used in our third class (next time we meet) to create monoprints on the press.


Oct 9 – Self portraits III – continuation of Self-portraits II with monoprinting on a press, 2 to 5pm

Monoprinting is a painterly technique of printmaking. No two prints are exactly alike. I love monoprinting because it fits my personality best: spontaneous and all mixed up. Hee. I mean — it’s part painting, part drawing and part printmaking and I can use just about anything within reach to make unique, quick marks on the plates. I can’t wait to show you this method!

The printing technique I want to teach you in this sesh goes beyond traditional drypoint etchings — we will explore using collograph methods on our self-portrait plexi plates, to create vibrant color and textural effects. On collagraph monoprints (like the word, collage) we build up relief and textures using different materials such as paper cut-outs, botanicals, glue, fabric, thread etc. I’ll show you several ways to ink the plates to enhance different feelings in your self portraits.

In the third and final sesh of this series, you’ll:

  • Experiment with at least two different methods of applying the ink to your plate to achieve very different print results.
  • Play around with adding materials to your initial drypoint etching for tonal, textural and color effects.
  • Make 4 to 6 prints on professional printing paper.
  • Start to develop your own style — and see the incredible variety of everyone’s printmaking style.







  1. Phyllis Lefohn says:

    Maureen – this sounds awesome. Unfortunately for me, it is during a time when we will be traveling. Would you consider offering it again?
    Thanks! Phyllis

    • Maureen says:

      I might offer it again, Phyllis, depending on the interest. Especially for you! It would be awesome to do this with you. ❤️

  2. Carol LaFountaine says:

    OKay…I am in! How do I pay! I haven’t pushed the buttons, is that how I pay?

    I’ll be having cataract surgery during this time also, don’t think that will matter. I’m still in. Carol LaFountaine

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