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Surprise Artist at our Feb 5 Exhibit

Etching Untitled

"Reeds" etching

surprise for our visitors during our All Artist Winter Review on February 5th!

Sneak a peek at a handful of etchings from someone you know if you have been visiting our gallery for the last year. Come on down to the gallery sometime during the month of Feb. 5th to March 4th to find out who this talented artist is. These are details of the work that will be framed and hanging in this fabulous exhibit. Watch for more sneak peeks of new artwork by the artists in this upcoming show … check back here on our blog, or follow our 1+1=1 Gallery Facebook page.

Etching Untitled

"Sunrise" etching

"Storm" etching


Artists who will be showing at the All Artist Winter Review: Jean Albus, John Andrew, Samantha Briegel, Tim Carney, Patty Ceglio, Andrea Cross Guns, Nerissa Eckerson, Gregg Edelen, Nancy Goughnour, Sarah Magar, Susan Mattson, Wilbur Rehmann, Mary Shaughnessy, Peter Shaughnessy, Maureen Shaughnessy and Trudy Skari

We are adding three new artists this year.

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