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Renovate Refuel Stretch Grow Evolve

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Well, 2016 is well under way. Tim and I are busy getting ready for another year of exhibits, classes, concerts and events at 1+1=1 Gallery. We are stretching our physical space by adding some functions to the basement. We are growing our group of artists by adding new artists to our roster. And we are evolving what we offer at the gallery by holding more classes, performances and different types of educational events.

We learned some stuff in our first couple of years of running the gallery. We are still tweaking things like how long to run an exhibit and which times of month are best for opening nights.

We are figuring out how to:

  • fit all the art I want to show into just 8 or 9 shows a year
  • get things done on time
  • keep track and take care of the hundreds of works of art entrusted to our care
  • promote all of our artists fairly
  • guide and communicate well with an incredibly diverse group of personalities (our artists)
  • price art (and advise our artists) so it works for us, the artists and the customers
  • create an effective, non-annoying email newsletter and stay on top of it
  • budget all the improvements we want to make to the gallery

Most of all we’re learning how to maintain balance in our lives. For me, that’s a 6-way balancing act: spending enough time with friends and family, teaching, being out in nature, painting in my studio, attending to my spiritual practice, and running the gallery.

We have lots of fun creative experiences planned for this year. Here are some:

First Fridays:
You may not be aware that Downtown Helena merchants have been trying our best to entice you downtown on Friday evenings! It’s been happening since October, 2014 — and the event is building in popularity and fun. Now that you know about First Fridays — it’s easy to put them on your calendar and come join us for the festivities. Many businesses stay open late those evenings, offering something special for your entertainment. Never a dull moment around here! Great date idea, too. Our February First Friday is our first opening reception of the year. Feb 5th 5 to 8pm. See ya! Subscribe to our newsletter to find out what we’re doing each First Friday. 

Classes & Creative Gatherings: 
Sunday Art Sesh will start up again in April. Maureen will host this gathering on the 3rd Sunday of each month, beginning April 17. Class is limited to 6 adults and includes all supplies, a snack and beverages. Time: 12 to 3pm. For more info, call me 431-9931. Read more about our Sunday Art Sessions

Kids Creativity Sesh will start up after school lets out for the summer, culminating in our Annual Young Voices art exhibit in October. Those sessions are limited to 6 kiddos. I also do one-on-one art lessons with kids. Subscribe to our newsletter — don’t miss announcements when we start! 

Weekend Summer Art Workshop with the Sunday Art Sesh’s so popular, and the fact that we always want to spend longer than we have each time we meet, I decided to offer a weekend creativity workshop this summer or early fall. Not sure the location or dates yet, but I will let you all know as soon as I nail those down. I’m really excited about this!

Sound Gallery Performances:
1+1=1 Gallery provides an intimate space for music and spoken word performances, focusing mostly on jazz. We had a great first year of concerts and look forward to another series this year. Our first concert of the season will take place Feb 21 from 7:30 to 9pm. Melissa Kwasney and Mj Williams, poet and musician, will perform at the Feburary concert. Concerts are free and limited to the first 49 folks who reserve seats. Reservations are required. Subscribe to updates to get announcements about concerts. 

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  1. Deb Williams says:

    Great post, Maureen! I love that you covered all your functions so well. Again, I am going to be out of town for your first workshop in February. Off to Colorado for Finnley’s birthday & again in March for Kobe’s! I do hope to attend at least one this year!

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