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Ivey FitzGerald



Hi I’m Ivey FitzGerald. I’m 11 years old and I’m  going to tell you about my art and why I do it. 

One of the main reasons for me to take art classes is I come from a family of artist. And 2 of my aunts I care about are really into art, so when I need help I can go to them and connect with them through art. 

I get my inspiration from family and friends and from looking around at other art. Sometimes I look at other artist’s work and make something like it in my own style. 

Talking about my feelings isn’t always easy. Making art helps me, but it isn’t always easy. But — it is really easy for me when I’m sad or have some big emotions. That is good because making art helps me express my feelings. 

So, if I have a bad day, instead of taking it out on somebody, I can put it on a piece of paper or something like that. It’s like a soda: if you shake it a little and keep doing that soon it will explode and it needs to explode somewhere other than on a  person. 

One of my favorite ways to make art is painting. In art class, painting is when we get to be ourselves. Maureen gives us a painting that she has done as a demo, and we get to paint on top of that.  one of my favorite pieces is my owl.

 This is my favorite because Maureen  gave me a painting she didn’t really like and then she told me to make my own out of it and I started painting it and painting it and I hated it alot until we figured out that it looked like an owl. That’s my favorite one because I’m pretty sure I struggled with that one the most on painting it and it turned out the best to me. 

My Dripping Hearts would probably have the best mood to it because the day I wasn’t feeling the best about life and I was struggling a lot so when I painted it kind of came out of the heart and then that leads to  why I called it dripping hearts. also i called it that because I guess you could kind of have say that since the scrapes look like tears I guess that’s why I called it that. 

I want people to know that I love art and when I grow up I want to be a photographer.  I have wanted to be a photographer for a while now. Even though it seems like being a photographer has nothing to do with art, it has a lot to do with art. It seems weird that i’m taking art classes, isn’t it. Well… art has so so so much to do with photography and I’m hoping that by taking Maureens art classes I can become a really good photographer and a really good artist. 

My style is not always abstract. Sometime I like to draw realistically, with my camera I can take realistic photos. When I draw I can change the thing that the camera sees.

Thank you for listening to me and everyone else and being here tonight.

Here are Ivey’s pieces for sale: