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Isaiah Abelin, Young Artist



Hello, my name is Isaiah Abelin and I am really glad I took this art class because I am around other people who are doing the same thing and might have good suggestions. Also just because the other kids keep me company. 

You may wonder where I get my ideas. One way I get ideas is by looking around my environment for good things to draw and another way is from my imagination. 

Art helps me express my feelings. Everyday has a different feeling and you can’t always express it in the same way. So no matter what you’re feeling you can always draw it. Art helps me calm down.

I really liked doing the wood sculptures because I like working with wood and just making things so people know what it is. My feeling when I made “Layers of Colors” was kind of all over the place and energetic. When you look at “Layers of Colors” you might feel energetic too.

My favorite piece is “In Mind’s Eye” and here is a story about it. One day there was a boat with twelve people in it, they were from different tribes and they were put into groups separating tribe from tribe. Very soon they started to have a Quarrel. The gods did not like this so they sent a hurricane in their direction. Soon they all got swept up off the boat and drowned.

My style of drawing people —  which you will find in my sketchbook — is long and narrow, kind of like Giacometti. I hope you enjoyed my talk and want to sit down and draw something when you get home. Thank you!

Here are Isaiah’s pieces from the Young Voices exhibit: