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Studio Art Sesh Calendar and Topics

Teen painting class at Brown Bird Studio

Winter kids’ studio art sesh series topics:

Nov 18 Printmaking – Carve small and large linoleum blocks for relief prints

Nov 25 Printmaking – Print our relief prints and start collagraph plates (if time)

Dec 2 Printmaking – Collagraph and drypoint etching plate making

Dec 9 Printmaking – Print on etching press from our collagraph/drypoint plates

Dec 16 – Collage Explorations – Collage on paper and wood panels using some of our prints, decorative papers, old stuff and cool stuff.

Jan 6 – Body Parts Sculptures – Cast hands, feet, arms or legs to make sculptures with plaster. Work in pairs.

Jan 13 – Body Parts Sculptures – Finish our body parts sculptures


The Young Voices Art Exhibit opens Friday evening, February 15th

All art students of Maureen’s are strongly encouraged to participate. We will be meeting after school on 4 to 6 days in late January and early February to prepare for the exhibit. The students will be expected to choose the work that will be in the show; frame and title their pieces, write a short bio and artist statement, prepare a 2-minute gallery talk about their art and help plan and prepare the show and opening reception. It’s an incredible opportunity for the kids to participate in some of the behind-the-scenes work that goes into an exhibition. And they will gain lots of life skills in the process!

Photos from previous years’ Young Voices exhibits

Spring kids’ studio art sesh series TBA

Further explorations in creativity will be offered in a Spring 2019 series from March through May. We’re really excited about the topics we plan to offer to kids and adults. If you missed registering your child for the first series (above) please come in to the gallery to sign up on a list for the spring seshes.


Studio Art Seshes for kids teens and adults

Studio Art Classes and One-on-Ones Start November 2018
My art classes are kinda un-normal:

I am offering some really fun art seshes this year. I am planning to teach teen one-on-ones; women's workshops and kids' studio seshes along with a couple of guest-artist one and two day workshops. These are not your typical "art classes" to learn a technique such as watercolor painting or drawing, although in the process of making, you will learn some great techniques!

I refer to my teaching as "studio creative seshes" and "expressive arts classes" because I go beyond technique. I encourage students of all ages to dive into a subject, explore unusual ways to express themselves and experience the delight of success no matter what you think you are capable of. I believe creativity exists in everyone and it needs to be awakened then nourished by building confidence, making stuff, playing around, contemplating the results with a critical eye, and actually getting down to it and doing. Stop thinking about making art and get doing!

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Kids Creativity Sesh: Printmaking

Our kids creativity seshes for the last couple of weeks were about making monoprints with some different techniques and a small tabletop press. The first week, we made monoprint plates with drypoint etching on plexi. After learning how to ink the plates and wipe them (leaving the ink only in the scratched lines) we added other ink colors and made painterly marks in the ink layer.

When the inked plates were ready, some of us added flat objects on top, like paper cutouts and pressed leaves or flowers to create collagraphs. The objects we put on top of the inked plates, left white areas on the monoprints (see the grasses on the print below.)

We used really good quality cotton rag paper soaked for a few minutes in water, then pressed dry. Then we ran our printing plates through the small press with the paper on top.
Okay, so the next week we made two other kinds of printing plates.

No boring stuff in these kids creativity sessions!

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