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Now Carrying Traditional Huichol Beadwork

Earrings, Necklace & Cuff by traditional Huichol artists

Have you seen this kind of gorgeous beadwork as you’re browsing the web? Well, maybe you have — or maybe it’s something brand new to your eyes. Now you can come down to the 1+1=1 and try it on for yourself! See how it looks on you. Or check it out as a gift for someone you love. We are now carrying a wide selection of fabulous handmade Huichol jewelry — at very affordable prices!

Tim and I have been practicing a beautiful, heart-centered spiritual path for over 25 years. We met in 1989 at our study group’s retreat. I am deeply grateful to the Creator, to our shaman-teacher, and to the Huichols, for everything I have learned since then, for the blessings of my life and for the continued opportunity to deepen my relationship with the world around me in a shamanic way.

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