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Maracujá Brazilian-Cuban Music at 1+1=1 Gallery

Dance Dance Dance to a Live Performance of Latin Beats by Maracujá

We are delighted and excited to invite Helena friends and neighbors to the first Latin jazz performance at 1+1=1 Gallery. This incredible opportunity to have Maracujá perform in Helena just fell out of the sky on us and wow are we glad we took them up on their offer! I’ve been listening to their music on sound cloud and youtube and have already fallen in love with it.

Here. Have a Listen while you Read the rest of my Post:

This one is titled, “Dança da Solidão”


So … without further ado, here are the deets, folks:

WHAT:  Live acoustic performance of Brazilian Cuban and other Latin music by Maracujá
WHERE:  1+1=1 Gallery at 434 North Last Chance Gulch in Helena Montana
WHEN:  Tuesday June 25 from 7 to 9pm
HOW MUCH:  We ask for a donation to pay the musicians, who are touring and promoting their album. Suggested donation of $15. We want everyone and anyone to come no matter what you can afford.
WHAT ELSE:  Beverages and light dessert will be served compliments of the gallery.

About Maracujá

Maracujá is traveling this summer as a duo, though they often play with more three or more members.Maracujá members, Caitlin Belem and Terrence Rosnagle will perform evocative danceable music from Brazil, Cuba and other Latin American cultures. 
Maracujá takes you on a journey around Latin America through music. From fiery Cuban son and Brazilian samba-funk to soothing bossa nova and wistful boleros, Maracujá plays music for dancing, music for listening, music to make you smile. Please join us Tuesday evening, June 25th to listen and be enthralled. We’ll have a small space on the hardwood floor for those of us who can’t listen without dancing or at least moving our bodies to the latin beats (that would be me) and we’ll have chairs for sitting too.  Check out their website. 
Maracujá plays the Royal Room in Columbia City, Seattle

Another bit of ear-candy:

Another Maracujá song for your ear pleasure, titled Namorado da Viúva


Some colorful somethings to get you in a tropical mood:

Cuban Dance session - blurry feet dancing
Photo courtesy of Victoria Imeson