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RITUAL: Functional Clay in Everyday Life

“RITUAL: Functional Clay in Everyday Life” starts August 3rd with an opening reception

Our next show opens August 3 and runs through September 1, 2018. Please join us on opening night for a reception, to meet the artists and get the best choice of functional pieces for your home, office or gifts.

What: Opening Reception of “Ritual: functional clay in everyday life”

When: Friday Aug. 3 from 5 to 8pm

Who: Our opening events are for everyone, kids too — and it’s free

Where: 1+1=1 Gallery is located at 434 North Last Chance Gulch in Helena, Montana.

More Info: Call the gallery 406.431.9931 or email us

Why Ritual?

Ritual. Isn’t that something we should save for special days?  Why not create more meaning in everyday activities? Rituals slow us down, connect us with the origins of things and the underlying beauty of all life.  From cooking and eating … to lighting a candle; placing flowers in a vase; drinking coffee, tea, ale or wine; bathing and brushing teeth; meditation and prayer; telling stories and tucking children or ourselves in bed … these are things we may do everyday and — if done with intention — can become wonderful meaningful moments for us.

Nine local and regional ceramic artists submitted a large selection of functional clay objects that can be used in our everyday life. Bowls, plates, cups, cookie jars, mugs, trays, vases and tumblers are just a few. Everything in the exhibit is beautiful enough to be displayed as a work of art … and useful enough to become part of your everyday life.

Artists include:

• Maureen Cole, Helena MT
• sarah magar, sook bc canada
• George McCauley, Helena MT
• Page Kelly Piccolo, Clancy MT
• Carla potter, Helena mt
• andrew rivera, missoula MT
• trudy skari, helena MT
• Sarahjess Swann, Bozeman MT
• Eliza Weber, great falls mt

Just in time for Montana visitors looking for something special to take home, and for Helena residents who want to treat themselves or someone to a one-of-a-kind useful gift. We will have the entire exhibit in our online catalog for anyone who can’t make it to the gallery in person. The catalog goes live on August 4th. 

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Black and White plus One


For “B&W+1” we invited four artists to contribute pieces created in black and white with just a pop of one (optional) color on some of the pieces. The result is a striking combination of styles, subject matter and diverse artistic vision. From April Coppini’s expressive realistic charcoal drawings of birds, insects and mammals … to Patty Ceglio’s Tree Series porcelain vessels filled with the blue of the sky … to Mary Beth Shaughnessy’s charming botanical paintings on wood and Maureen Cole’s delicate white porcelain pottery with intricate black designs, the entire exhibit hangs together beautifully. It’s definitely worth stopping by for a look.

Where: 1+1=1 Gallery 434 North Last Chance Gulch
When: Friday June 3, 5 to 8 pm
What: Door opens at 5pm (come early for best choice)
Artist talks from 5:30 to 6pm
Reception with wine, appetizers and dessert 6 to 8pm
What else? June 3rd is also First Friday — yep, we know. Come to hear the artist talks from 5:30 to 6:00, enjoy some delicious food, then stroll down the rest of Last Chance Gulch to see what else small downtown businesses have to offer! Most of us are open til 8:30 or 9pm.

With this exhibit, we welcome April Coppini and Maureen Cole to our roster of gallery artists, and are very excited to present their fabulous artwork to the Helena and Montana community.

Patty Ceglio has made an incredible new series of black and white plus cerulean blue ceramic vessels and sculptures enlivened with sgraffito trees and quotes from favorite naturalists, poets and writers. These pieces with sky-blue interiors are to fall-in-love-with; to give as gifts; to be inspired by!

Maureen Cole is new to our gallery, and has pushed herself beyond what she has done in the past to produce a gorgeous body of delicate porcelain pieces. Her patterns and compositions decorate the trays, small dishes, tumblers and vases in a range of sizes.

April Coppini is well known in the Pacific Northwest, especially her hometown of Portland, for her sensitive yet powerful charcoal drawings of animals and plants. Hummingbirds, insects, foxes, rabbits, deer, raptors and chickens come alive on her large pieces.

Mary Beth Shaughnessy usually works with brilliant color and lots of scribbly details in her paintings. For this exhibit, she limited her palette to just black and white and one other color. The results are simpler, almost-graphic paintings that recall mid-century modern wallpaper or Scandinavian textile patterns. She used garden plants as her subject matter in these whimsical pieces.


check out some pics from the night before the show opens:



If you can’t make it to the opening, please stop in to see B&W+1 anytime from June 3 through August 8, during gallery hours. We are open Tuesday 10 to 6, and Saturday and Monday 10 to 5pm. The gallery is located at 434 North Last Chance Gulch in Helena, Montana. We have fabulous art by 18 artists in the gallery. “B&W+1” will be exhibited in the front gallery and works by all of our other represented artists are exhibited in the Back Gallery.