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Dawn Endean and Caroline Davis are Featured Window Artists This Month

Seattle Artists Take Over our Large Gallery Window
What a delightful combination we have displayed in this month's street-facing window exhibit! Caroline Davis' contemporary jewelry and Dawn Endean's monoprint/etchings.

Caroline Davis, a jewelry artist from Seattle, is relatively new to 1+1=1 Gallery. She debuted at the gallery during our 2021 BODY exhibit this spring. So many of our visitors were blown away by her gorgeous designs, we made the decision to continue to carry her work year round. Caroline Davis is otherwise known as "CREO." Her work is contemporary, minimalist, gorgeous and carefully crafted with attention to detail. Come in to try on, or just go for it online!

Dawn Endean has been showing with 1+1=1 for several years and has gained in popularity and collectibility in our Montana market during that time. We are featuring her one-off (monprints) of dogs in relatable situations. (Do you have a dog who tried to take a mile when you give him an inch? Do you have a "Good Dog?"  If you are a dog lover, or a printmaking lover, make sure to check out Dawn Endean's work. We also have several of the artist's tiny collages made from printmaking castoffs (something I myself do often) in small white frames. 

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Debbie Smith Solo Window Artist This Month

Miles City Family Ranch to Helena Art Gallery: Debbie Smith

We are delighted to introduce the Helena Community to one of our favorite artists, Debbie Smith. Her whimsical mixed-fiber-media sculptures have become so popular we decided to offer her the solo exhibit space in our large front window. Don't miss seeing her lighthearted corvids and "Guardians" in this 24-hours-a-day 7-days-a-week show! Her artwork will continue to be available through our Online Gallery Store for the rest of 2021

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Best Way to Mount Paper on Wood Panel

Problem: How to mount a heavy paper artwork to a large wood panel without making it all crooked and leaving bubbles and stuff?

I live with a problem solver.

My husband (and fellow artist) loves solving problems so much that sometimes I have to remind him I don’t need all my problems solved. Mostly I love that Tim has the kind of mind that creatively solves just about anything that needs solving.

For instance, how to glue down a painting or mixed media piece — straight — onto a cradled wood panel without bubbles, buckles and wrinkles. Evenly. So it will stay forever. Archivally. And without messing it up. I used to get so frustrated with this part of art-making … until Tim showed me his way(which he figured out because he glues wood veneers all the time.)

Problem Solved!

I bet there are lots of artists out there who would appreciate this simple, almost fool-proof way to attach paper to panel. So I took videos for you! This is Tim attaching my sister’s paintings to cradled wood panels he custom made for her. Let me know if these demos help (by commenting,) or if you have another method that works and want to share it, please do! Thanks for reading and watching. Good success to you. 😀

Scroll below video for more about this method…
Use this method for:

…anything you want to attach to cradled wood panels or plain wood panels that has to be put on straight and even. I have used this method to glue layers of paper to the panels, then painted and added other media afterwards. My sister and I both sometimes paint on large 200 or 300# papers, then glue down onto panels. This method can also be used to glue heavy-weight paper prints (etchings, monoprints, etc) to large cradled panels (so you don’t need frames — yay!)

suggested Supplies:
  • Archival contact cement – comes in large cans
  • Glue brush
  • Tiny dowels: we use 1/8 or 1/4 inch dowels cut long enough to work with many sizes of large panels
  • Clean brayer to roll over the top of your print

Here is a link to an album of videos and still images on Google Photos