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Best Way to Mount Paper on Wood Panel

Problem: How to mount a heavy paper artwork to a large wood panel without making it all crooked and leaving bubbles and stuff?

I live with a problem solver.

My husband (and fellow artist) loves solving problems so much that sometimes I have to remind him I don’t need all my problems solved. Mostly I love that Tim has the kind of mind that creatively solves just about anything that needs solving.

For instance, how to glue down a painting or mixed media piece — straight — onto a cradled wood panel without bubbles, buckles and wrinkles. Evenly. So it will stay forever. Archivally. And without messing it up. I used to get so frustrated with this part of art-making … until Tim showed me his way(which he figured out because he glues wood veneers all the time.)

Problem Solved!

I bet there are lots of artists out there who would appreciate this simple, almost fool-proof way to attach paper to panel. So I took videos for you! This is Tim attaching my sister’s paintings to cradled wood panels he custom made for her. Let me know if these demos help (by commenting,) or if you have another method that works and want to share it, please do! Thanks for reading and watching. Good success to you. ūüėÄ

Scroll below video for more about this method…
Use this method for:

…anything you want to attach to cradled wood panels or plain wood panels that has to be put on straight and even. I have used this method to glue layers of paper to the panels, then painted and added other media afterwards. My sister and I both sometimes paint on large 200 or 300# papers, then glue down onto panels. This method can also be used to glue heavy-weight paper prints (etchings, monoprints, etc) to large cradled panels (so you don’t need frames — yay!)

suggested Supplies:
  • Archival contact cement – comes in large cans
  • Glue brush
  • Tiny dowels: we use 1/8 or 1/4 inch dowels cut long enough to work with many sizes of large panels
  • Clean brayer to roll over the top of your print

Here is a link to an album of videos and still images on Google Photos  

Mary Beth Shaughnessy "Untitled" painting

Sunday Art Sesh – Intuitive Painting Series

Mary Beth Shaughnessy "Untitled" painting

A Four-Part Workshop:

Mindful Art using Your Intuition

Dec 4 & 18 and Jan 8 & 15 from 2 to 5pm

This series of four Sunday afternoons is for anyone who wants to explore how meditation, mindfulness and intuition can lead or inform our creativity. Whether you are an experienced artist, new to art, or someone interested in letting your creativity blossom, you will find something delightful and inspiring in this series.

The class is limited to 5 students. If you are interested, please sign up soon, as these¬†workshops fill fast. You can sign up¬†by paying online (any of the buttons below.) If you can’t pay online, please give me a call 431-9931 to reserve your space in the series.

Who: Women age 20+ ¬†… experienced artists or budding artists or non-artists. Anyone who wants to get down and get creative! Maureen Shaughnessy is your instructor.
What: Four workshop sessions on intuitive painting techniques
Cost: $160 for the 4 sessions. If you would like to attend but cannot afford the tuition, please ask about scholarships. We have a small scholarship fund to help you pay.
Dates: Dec 4 and 18, 2016 AND Jan 8 and 15, 2017 (must sign up for all 4, because each sesh builds on the previous sesh.
Times: Sunday afternoons, from 2 to 5pm
Where: 434 North Last Chance Gulch (studio in back of 1+1=1 Gallery)
What to Bring: All art supplies will be provided. Please bring a small plate of your favorite snack to share with the group.

Here’s What We’ll Do:¬†

December 4, 2016 – Everyone will have an opportunity to make a half dozen or so handmade paint brushes using lots of different materials. Depending on time, we will experiment with our new brushes, developing our own vocabulary of marks: shapes, patterns and textures.

Handmade brushes
Handmade brushes

December 18, 2016 – Beginning with a peaceful meditation and quiet breathwork, we will center our hearts and bodies … and focus our minds. This session is about letting go of preconceived ideas; letting your intuition and your breath lead your hand and brush; and seeing where your deep inner no-mind takes you. Using our handmade brushes as well as Japanese brushes and a very limited palette of ink and paint, we’ll create designs based on the Enzo concept. We won’t be limited to circles. I encourage everyone to work with circles at first, and after you’ve taken that as far as you wish, let your intuition further develop your mark-making vocabulary (begun in the first sesh.)




January 8, 2017 ¬†– as you are beginning a new year and maybe trying to shed some old habits, you will get deeply in touch with your intuition in this session. We’ll start with a beautiful slideshow — cycling quickly through many intuitive paintings — to stimulate your creative juices and give you some ideas of the possibilities. Then we will spend the rest of the afternoon getting our minds out of the way. You can choose to paint on a large wood panel, heavy weight paper, or both. Paint to music; paint with your whole body – these are just two methods of stimulating the no-mind-intuitive artist inside us. Intuitive painting has alot to do with making marks (the kind we develop as we find our voice, that we explored in the first two sessions) and responding to the marks. Making more marks and responding again. And again. It’s fun. It’s deeply fufilling. There are no mistakes.

January 15, 2017 – During this session we will work further on the paintings we began in the last sesh.¬†Setting aside your artwork for a time then coming back to it when you are refreshed and in a different mood — really takes your painting to a new level. We’ll start with a group discussion of how the last sesh felt for each of us, and talk about our¬†paintings with positive feedback. I will give a couple of demonstrations of techniques — just to give you ideas of where you might take your paintings this time. ¬†Again, we will have music in the studio to help your ideas and creative juices flow.




Thank you for reading this far. Hope to see you at one of my art classes soon. <3

Forest Stream Prairie Opening Night

FOREST STREAM PRAIRIE 2016: featuring new work by Dan McArdle & Maureen Shaughnessy

Mounting an exhibit takes us a couple of days. We take down the previous exhibit and pack up pieces that have sold. Unsold pieces go into our art storage downstairs. Then we patch holes in the walls, re-paint walls and pedestals and clean up. Next comes arranging the new artwork, hanging it, setting out pedestals and sculptures … then lighting, labels, window decor and many other tasks. Whew!

Pre-Opening Quiet:¬†When we are done hanging and lighting the show, I like to take photos of the whole exhibit before the crowd comes. It’s quiet and I’m always really pleased with the new art and new arrangement.

Opening night was a blast! An appreciative crowd. Excellent gallery talks by the artists and a fabulous reception. Great way to spend a Friday evening in downtown Helena.

We are always so grateful for all the folks who attend the openings, listen to the talks and celebrate the artists with us on opening night. We also love seeing you any day we’re open. Sometimes a quiet afternoon at the gallery is the perfect time to really look deeply at the exhibits. ¬†Thank you for your support!

Our Back Gallery features artworks by artists we represent, including:

Peter Shaughnessy, Jean Albus, Trudy Skari, Patty Ceglio, Nancy Goughnour, Mary Beth Shaughnessy, Maureen Cole, Sarah Magar, Sam Briegel, Gregg Edelen, Elizabeth Hughes Bass, Andres Cross Guns, Tina Albro, John Andrew and Tim J. Carney.

Catching some time with friends in the studio behind the gallery