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Young Voices 2020

Because our brick and mortar gallery is temporarily closed, our annual “Young Voices” Exhibit is Online.

Emerging Voices of Young Artists

1+1=1 Gallery opens a fabulous new exhibit of art students’ work on April 6th and it runs through May 15. Young Voices 2020 is also a fundraiser for two Helena non-profits chosen by the students themselves.

The Gallery’s art students range in age from 10 to 17

Our younger group includes Ciana Williams, Isaiah Abelin, Scarlet Carpenter, Ivey FitzGerald and Evey Linden. The teen group is Justin Terry, Ema Terry and Dalton Hudoba. They have all been working hard for over eight months on this exhibit. As they prepare for the show, students help set up the exhibit; curate, title, sign, and frame their work; write and practice artist talks; and help plan opening night.

What’s Different because of COVID19? 

Young Voices 2020 opens Monday, April 6th at 5pm. Instead of our usual opening reception we will have a virtual tour of the exhibit, including videotaped artists’ talks by all eight young artists. Don’t miss this wonderful opportunity to support young artist and some very deserving local organizations! Besides, you won’t believe the prices on these gorgeous works of art.

It’s a Fundraiser, Too!

As part of their preparation for the exhibit, students research and advocate for their favorite local non-profits. The process of choosing just two organizations to which they and the gallery will donate 50 percent of all sales is a consensus process so that every child is happy with the choices of the group. This year the artists chose:  Helena Food Share and Lewis & Clark Humane Society. Thank you for your support of our artists, the gallery and the organizations we are donating to.


Listen to the artist talks and shop their individual artworks on this page. 



Here’s a sneak peek at a selection of their work:





Sunday Art Sesh Schedule and Topics

It's that time of year when I wrap up my kids summer art classes and start our women's creativity and art sessions.

We've had such huge interest in the adult classes that I decided to offer them twice a month instead of just once monthly. So, on the first and second Sunday of each month, starting September 11, you have a fabulous opportunity to stretch your creative muscles in a small (6 student) class that's guaranteed to knock your socks off and inspire you.

This year our Sunday Art Sesh classes are in short series or two, three or four. Please sign up for all of the classes in a series to get the most out of your time. For example, the self portrait series is very in-depth (and transformative) and if you miss one, you'll miss a big chunk of the experience. Read on for the whole schedule ...

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Handmade Brushes & Mark Making

Learn to make Your Own Paint Brushes

Gesture Drawing with Feather BrushSunday Afternoon May 24th, from 2 to 5 pm

Learn how to make your own paintbrushes and mark-making tools out of non-traditional and traditional materials. Handmade brushes can help you establish your own “palette” of personal marks and strokes to make your artwork truly your own.

Only 6 spaces in this workshop! Pre-registration is required.

Register early.

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