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Hand Plucked Art Exhibit Opens March 2


HAND PLUCKED: an exhibit of art selected by your very own friends and neighbors, opens Friday evening, March 2, and runs through April 14, 2018.

When we began planning this exhibit last summer, we knew we wanted to continue our annual tradition which allows us to really step back, take stock, and marvel at the incredible amount of beauty and hard work that has flowed into the gallery over time. Formally referred to as “Best of the Back Room” or “All Artist Winter Review“, this year, we wanted to give it a new twist. We began with a working title– Staff Picks — borrowing from a local independent bookstore that lets staff choose their favorites and give a little explanation of their choice. It’s such a cool way of getting to know the staff on a deeper level and often highlights selections that may have otherwise gone unnoticed. In any case, it creates a cool connection and we are all about cool connections here at 1+1=1. It’s kinda’ our thing.

We didn’t want to limit the plucking to just the six of us; we wanted to include others from our community. Once we started thinking of who to ask help pluck, we became very excited about the concept of getting to know each other through the art we love. If all goes well, we hope to create a new tradition that, each year, our gallery regulars will anticipate with glee. 

So, Hand-Plucked was born. Each “plucker” (as we’ve so lovingly named them) arrived on the scene with their unique taste, personality, lifestyle, decision-making approach and stylistic considerations. The pieces they’ve chosen appeal to them and speak to them in the way only art can. This exhibit will be a gathering of these selections and will, hopefully, speak to you as well about the power of art.

Among the pluckers are: our gallery “staff” Tim and Maureen; Claire who works full-time as our Assistant Gallery Manager; part-time staff Susan Mattson and Marcia Eidel, and, of course, Charlie, whose main job is greeting customers and holding down the floor.

Additionally, this year’s pluckers include those who, in their own way, have been very supportive of our gallery over the past four years. Thank you to Chelsia Rice, Laura George, Andrea Cross Guns, Terri Hamilton, Renee´Kowalski, Akilah Lane and daughters, Zahara and Imara, Tim and Jen Davis, Mike and Colleen Casey, Patty Aaberg, Guylaine Gelinas and Mary Ahmann Hibbard, and Michelle Herrington.

We have so many folks who support 1+1=1 Gallery in so many ways. You attend our receptions and events (even though you’re so busy)! You visit the gallery when it’s quiet, carving out time to deeply ponder and consider the artwork. You volunteer your time. You buy pieces you LOVE. You help us spread the word and bring new people in to see us. You donate funds to help support Sound Gallery or art student scholarships. Trust us when we say, it was not easy to pluck our pluckers. This is a huge reason we want to keep the Hand-Plucked ball rolling, so we can ask a whole new group next year!

Stay tuned and come get a taste of our fresh, hand-plucked art on March 2.

Scenes from past opening nights. Lotta fun. Better than the couch. 😉