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Artists in TWO, May 10-30

Featured Artists’ in TWO during the Spring Art Walk

Linda McCray and Patty Ceglio

We are hosting an extra special evening for the Downtown Helena Spring Art Walk on May 10th

On the evening of May 10, we are opening three shows: BODY III, our third annual figurative art and art jewelry exhibit, in addition to two solo shows by Linda McCray and Patty Ceglio in Gallery TWO. 

From May 10th through 30th, we are featuring Linda McCray and Patty Ceglio in gallery TWO. Both are Helena artists who have been showing at 1+1=1 Gallery for years. Patty Ceglio was one of the first artists we exhibited, beginning with “SIX” almost five years ago. Her ceramic art has evolved along with her skills. This time, Patty has a solo show of her highly-textured cups and mugs. Linda McCray, a longtime Helena resident, artist and designer, brings a new series of her ethereal, spiritually-based paintings to her solo show at TWO.



We invite you to join us on May 18 from 11 to 4pm (just drop in anytime) for an Open House at 1+1=1 Gallery. Here’s your chance to meet and talk with our TWO artists, in a friendly — warm — and informal atmosphere. Linda McCray will be at the gallery on May 18th to talk about her meditative process and inspiration.

Come on downtown Saturday, April 20, anytime between 11 and 4

Join us for goodies and beverages during our Open House. Morning treats and hot drinks from 11 to 2.  Wine and grazing boards from 2 to 4.

Family friendly

Bring your kids. Come meet our gallery dog, Shadow! Call 406-431-9931 for more information.


TWO is a new concept for 1+1=1 this year.

Changes at 1+1=1 Gallery

In early 2019, we renamed part of our Back Gallery and made it a place to celebrate and shine a spotlight on just two of our represented artists at a time. The space is now called “TWO.” Every artist we represent will have a chance to prominently show a body of their work once a year with a reception or open house. We’re very excited about this change to how we introduce you to our artists and their newest fabulous artwork. In addition to TWO, the other part of our Back Gallery continues to show a sampling of work by many of the artists represented by and associated with 1+1=1. Come in as often as you wish — you are likely to find new artworks every time you stop by.


Andrea Crossguns

Here is what I know of Andrea Crossguns. She is all heart. She spends her days caring for children and managing an entire staff of teachers; she inspires them, guides them and reminds them of their gifts. She is nurtures chickens, a guinea-pig named “Cutie” and a faithful canine companion named “Joey”.

Andrea prefers to eat one fresh, heavily seasoned fried egg for breakfast with a hot cup of coffee, egg first, coffee later. She is easily moved to tears. She is a brave and brilliant musician, an intense and deliberate poet, an active member of her community. She needs to hike and deeply breathe mountain air often in order to feel most alive.


When Andreas paints, she lets her brush lead the way and surrenders her expectations of what will occur. The result is a collection of work that comes from the deep. Vivid colors that overlap and collide in unexpected ways. Pieces that continue to unfold the longer you view them. Each and every painting of Andrea’s includes a poem, hand-written, rolled and attached to the back of the piece, only to be opened and read by the owner.

Right now- there are 13 Andrea Crossguns paintings hanging in 1+1=1 Gallery. Stop in and feel their power. We’ll make you a cup of hot tea (or coffee) while you absorb.